Mason Jar Event Group Presents: Fall Harvest Supper & Marketplace

Mason Jar Event Group Presents: Fall Harvest Supper & Marketplace

Bringing together a seasonal blend of Colorado’s finest indulgences, Mason Jar Event Group, alongside Sensi Magazine, played host to the Fall Harvest Supper & Marketplace this past Sunday, October 14th, 2018. A splendorous gathering of local artisans, culinary experts and Colorado cannabis, Natty Rems & Concentrate Remedies were extremely proud to be one of several select sponsors.

Mason Jar Event Group draws inspiration from the cultural symbol of the mason jar, which to founder Kendal Norris, represents a simple and elegant design, “a vessel of sharing and of the unity that connects us as friends and family around food and fun”. Specializing in farm-to-table gatherings that unite community and celebrate the finest rustic and urban sensations and experiences that Colorado has to offer – the Mason Jar Event Group brings their simple and elegant aesthetic to each event, making for a memorable, thoughtful and delicious experience.

Walking in, the Fall Harvest Supper & Marketplace immediately presented a mouthwatering aroma of autumnal scents. Award-winning Chefs, Chef Daniel Asher (Executive Chef, River & Woods and Acreage) and Chef Jamey Fader (Executive Chef, Lola Coastal Mexican Restaurant) each prepared a course that was their own interpretation of paella. Both dishes were absolutely sensational, sophisticated and authentic to the traditional countryside dish. Chef Kevin Grossi (Executive Chef, The Regional Restaurant) prepared several pies, including a Hubbard squash & pecan pie, a chocolate pie with smoked sea salt and a wild huckleberry & chamomile pie.

Accompanying the excellent food was live music by local musicians who filled the Fall Harvest Supper & Marketplace air with a tasteful mixture of jazz and folk. Exceptionally talented, the band played a seamless set that offered something to dance to while simultaneously being enjoyable in the background.


An atmosphere of effortless elegance was achieved with decor and furniture, sponsored by Wallflower, that was both modern and cozy. The large variety of artisans and local businesses that were present solidified the experience’s aesthetic as genuinely fun and sophisticated. Marketplace attendees had the opportunity to create custom takeaway swag with Stillwater Brands stamping table, Kush Kards provided an interactive experience with their coloring sheets on display and a booth of Fortune Tellers took it over the top.

  Natty Rems & Concentrate Remedies were in attendance, having stocked each guest’s goody bag with a sample of our UK Cheese live budder and, of course, bringing along a few additional samples (including our Jack Flash Hi Terp Distillate pens, Cherry Lime Haze live sugar and So Cal Al live budder), which were available to try at our booth.

To say we had a marvelous time connecting with local groups and fellow cannabis industry members at this beautiful marketplace is a massive understatement. Presenting seasonal sensations, culinary delights, cider tastings, cannabis-infused treats, games and a strong sense of community, the Fall Harvest Supper & Marketplace was an autumnal amazement.

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