Natty Rems Celebrates Quality

Natty Rems Celebrates Quality

Since being established in 2009, Natty Rems has been committed to producing quality cannabis and providing a genuine and knowledgeable shopping experience. After launching our own extraction company, Concentrate Remedies in 2015, we continue to exercise our passion for hand tendered processes and premium production practices.

Consistency, quality and attention to detail is our focus.

Here at Natty Rems, we are always going above and beyond industry expectations and the effort that we put forth in our daily approach is something that we celebrate. This April, we want to extend 420 celebrations to our loyal Members and guests! Be sure to see our daily specials for ongoing sales at Natty Rems.

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You can count on seeing the shelves at Natty Rems stocked with a wide variety of award winning flower this 420 season. Cured properly and always fresh, there aren’t any old batches for sale here, folks! You can count on the fact that the bud you see was harvested less than eight weeks ago. Natty Rems classic strains like Cinderella 99 x The White, Cookies, Banana Kush and others are always hand trimmed and hand packaged to ensure that the flower you see at our store is the best it can possibly be.

natty rems OG-2 (1) Rooster Cup NROG 1st Trophy (2)

Boasting luscious buds which are absolutely covered in trichomes and gorgeous purple undertones, our signature Natty Rems OG recently placed FIRST for Best Indica at the 2018 THC Classic.


Natty Rems grown Glue has an exceedingly rich chocolate-chem aroma. Known for an incredibly potent hybrid effect that’s suitable for both daytime and nighttime use, these frosty flowers are drenched in flavorful trichomes.

NRx Wavy Gravy 4

A Natty Rems exclusive strain, our Wavy Gravy is a unique Chemdog D and Casey Jones (Orient Express x ECSD v.3) cross. As the name suggests, this well-balanced hybrid has a mouthwatering spicy and hashy aroma, reminiscent of delicious Thanksgiving gravy.

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It is said that concentrates are only as good as the materials from which they were extracted – we at Natty Rems agree wholeheartedly.

Concentrate Remedies live runs are processed with the hand-tendered flower grown and cultivated by the Natty Rems team. Starting with award-winning flower, utilizing state of the art equipment and having each process overseen by our experienced technicians ensures that the final extract is as flavorful, aromatic and terpene rich as the unprocessed plant itself.


When you shop with Natty Rems, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality products and services.